Time has gone by.

Yes’t  it is not that I haven’t done any painting  but I just haven had the time to work on this site. But nevertheless I will show you what I have been up to. Lots of paintings of dogs lately and all via word of mouth.little one Untitled adobe lion (Custom) alice. jpg DSC_0015

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Just thinking about life

The Rhino

These are my latest paintings I made and the gorilla just relaxing in the grass is really my favourite and I really enjoyed making it.

By Medium Marqueritte & Hypnotherapist

Still the same person.

You know I have now lost 10 kg and I still don’t feel different , I look in the mirror and I see me, what a strange thought that I have this thing that when you are thin you think and do  things differently. but “no” everything is the same, exactly the same. Everybody  hey! wow you look great, lost a lot in your face, Ppfff as if I want to loose weight in my face. That is the  downfall of losing weight you lose it on places you don’t want to lose weight , and in your face makes you look old  wrinkles show up immediately. Still, I feel fat yes specially when I very slim woman walks past or worse when I have to stand next to somebody that is slim, at that moment I feel like a huge elephant.

well another 10 kg to go, and I wonder if that is ever going to happen as I have never been slim, I was not fat when I was younger but very muscular because of all the sport I did. What is going to happen to all the lose skin, I can not have a operation, so I hope there is a kind of cream to help that.

It is quite strange how often one looks in a window or mirror to see if your hair, or make-up is still ok, but me I am still looking to see if  I am changing to that slim person I so long to be. The herbalife is going well, it tastes good and I use a lot of fruit in my shakes and it is very very good.

So 10 kg and I still feel the same, and I think I still look the same . Up to the next 10 kg. hope to write soon again when I enter the over 10 kg zone. Bye

Just a small update.

This is how I feel today.

This is how I feel today.

No, I am not in hospital as many of you thought I was, I nearly, nearly did but no, I am at home enjoying the summer here in the Netherlands. We had a long, long winter right up till end of June and all af the sudden a heat wave. Now it does not take much to have a heat wave out here three days 25 degrees and two 30 degrees , something silly like that, but now we have had a week and a half of warm sunny weather and I even used the pool can you believe it, so I did not do much painting I had to enjoy this weather. Not only did I enjoy this weather but the animals enjoyed it the first day and then Boem? they were weak and hot, I put up one of my huge umbrellas for the Shetland ponies. People actually stopped to watch, as the ponies weren’t stupid they stood underneath it and even slept underneath it. I still hear those people saying your ponies can take it, they can take the heat, what do you mean they can take it, they are Shetland ponies and they are used to cold weather not Sahara desert temperatures. But today it is a bit cooler, here in the Netherlands it you have sunny weather you can time your clock on it that a couple of days later, rain, thunder and I don’t mean small little spatters no big water drops, a kind of cloud burst.
Anyway I also fell again, on my knee, open and bleeding and now I have no feeling on my knee cap. Both legs blue and purple and as I am on blood thinners I hope that is the name for it sounds more like thinners one cleans paint with but it’s a tablet to make your blood thin if you have thrombosis or lung embolism like I had. So off I go dieting (so hungry) relaxing and by the way enjoy your week.
see ya

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Now I know

We are sailing-

We are sailing-

Strange topic today but I thought I just want to let you know what I know because this is a discussion that always comes up, well in my life anyway. The thing is you probably all know by now that I am not well at all. I have syndrome of sjogren that is a rheumatism illness and SLE that is Lupus and then to top it all Polyneuropathy and I hope I spelled it correctly in English. Now it is not that I am feeling sorry for myself or anything as it has been 10 years and lots of medicine and morphine . So I can live and feed my animals and paint and play the alto saxophone and can really enjoy watching a good movie. I love social internet and today is the first time that I mention what is wrong with me and even that seems to not bother me at all.
Because of all these , well, let me call the things, if you don’t mind, because of all these things I think I land in hospital once or twice each year and even that is okay as I now have a subscription there, why would I say that? well if you go to hospital and you just arrive and waiting for the elevator, still on the ground floor and you hear, “hallo marqueritte” and you think is is somebody you know well , a friend maybe and you turn around and it is a nurse, and if THAT happens two or three times before you reach destination you know ” damm I have a subscription going in hospital” Surprise , surprise even that I can tell you with a smile on my face , isn’t that cool is must be my good looks that they remember my name, good looks, great personality and a name nobody forgets, so put that in your pocket and ……. you know what.

But I am difting away of my topic, there is a point that I am trying to make today. I paint wildlife and I love doing so but for the last couple of days all I have done is painting some backgrounds. My concentration is just gone. Last Monday I visited the orthopedic surgeon as my knees are hurting and he operated on them. To cut a long story short ” he did not even look at my knees” they are swollen, warm and they hurt like hell and if I say hell is is hell boiling over. He did not even look at my knees can you believe it , he did not even look, he said go for x-rays, “X-rays” are you gone bananas you see nothing on x-rays, I need a MRI-scan as they did on the other knee , there they saw that the inner an outer meniscus were torn, operated next day. But now I had to go home and wait a week to see him again. That is tomorrow.

But here I go again drifting away, the point I am still trying to make is that a lot of people say to me ” it is great that you are painting to take your mind of your pain” well now I know that is not true it is maybe to take my mind off THINGS but definitely not off the pain as nothing is happening with these hands this week. Yes a bit of background painting here and there, luckily I have more that one painting in the starting blocks. When there is pain I cannot paint, but I don’t blame them I even don’t know what to say to myself at times like this, what I do know is &^%&%&%&%&%** take a pain killer and try again.

I want to thank you for your patience as I think you already realize what is going on , don’t you. This is not about art, this is just about how I feel today and sometimes when there is nobody around it is best to just write it down and get it off your chest, well for me , it is working as my thoughts are softer and less angry and feeling more relaxed. Today is a beautiful day and I am going to enjoy it, hope you are too. I have some wonderful paintings coming up even if I can say so myself. To me there is nothing more satisfying that creating a painting of animals and wildlife.
Thank you and next time what will I write?
You never know as life is like a box of chocolates, you never…………………..

Marqueritte Clasquin

I can always try.

How about an african feel today, the heat, the dust, warmth, and the animals. One thing I always noticed in South Africa is that the people there are very proud of their nature. They realize that if they don’t do something, there will be nothing left for their grandchildren, so they created lots of Wild reserves. Tourist flock to these reserves and they are so nice so well kept and the hospitality is great. I am not writing this to advertise South Africa ( well maybe a little) but I want to show you that we have to preserve the animals from extinction. We have to stop the killing of animals and we need you to help us. There is a Foundation it is called David Shepherd Foundation and they do such fantastic work all over the world and I would love you to just go there and see what is going on in the world. On that site you can see how many tigers there are still left in the world, how many elephants and gorillas and I tell you, you will be shocked when you here that there are only 177 of this or that left. My worry is, what are we doing to the world, a lot of people say “oh well why worry I am dead in 20-30 years and they are still here for me to see”. I can understand why they are saying that but we are not alone, what about all the children and their children don’t you want them to have what you had?

Well maybe I am talking to much, I suppose people must decide for themselves what they want to do and what they don’t, but I can always try can’t I.
I can always try
So here are some paintings I made of a Springbuck, Two lions and the painting is called “Mam and Dad watching” and then Tabele Mountain ” Good Morning Cape Town”
For more paintings you can go to www.marqueritte.nl
Well See ya soon
Marqueritte Clasquin

Mom and Dad watching 35sprinkbok

Proud to be capetonian when they look at the Tabel Mountain

Proud to be capetonian when they look at the Tabel Mountain

Great surprise

Well did I have a surprise today, after a few phone calls from a company who wanted to help me with earning money online, today he told me something I did not know and maybe nobody knows. I felt a little bit bad as he had done a great job sending me information about getting a Amazon website going and how it works with taxes ect.ect. He sent me information that his company or maybe the company that he works for is not a bullshit company, or a fake company just after one’s money never to hear from them again, but it seems that everything was okay, I decided not to use them ,so I do feel a bit guilty, but that is what keeps the world turning ,isn’t it? You win some and you loose some. When I gave him the bad news I said go to my website and have a look, so he did and he was quite surprised that I was able to upload my own photos and that I also had a blog attached to it. That made me feel better when he said that he really liked my art and said Ï can see the african influence”. then he told me that if you have a blog you have to put at least 2 post per week on it for Google to find it and make your site findable for people. Now my blog as you all know once every two months is a lot.
So I will better my life, no. one I have to loose weight no,2 I have to start enjoy life to the fullest and number three I will keep my blog up to date.
Well how about that. Surprised? Well I am the first time in my life that I am making a promise to the blogging world.
I also want to show you some new paintings I made.
Well be hearing from me
See ya Marqueritte Clasquin

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What a lot of work

I decided to make video’s of how to paint wildlife and it came out great but what a lot of work. The filming is not a problem but then to put it together, cut here, and cut there. Eventually it was finished and I needed to upload it to You Tube and then it was to long , it took hours to get it uploaded. I have eventually uploaded 2 and the other 2 just will not upload for some reason. Mind you I should also tell you that I am really all that clever when it comes to computers so I just hope for the best and after all there is no hurry, I am just doing it for fun.study tiger

Hospitals and Me

gemsbok 35My name is Marqueritte and I live in a Hospital, well so it seems as I know all the tricks in every hospital in the Netherlands. Specially the one close by Antonius Hospital in Sneek. As a matter of fact I am right there right now.
A week or two ago I thought I was going to die, I could not breathe and I said to my husband I think that you must phone the docter right now. He knows that if I say something like that I am dead serius” ha dead serius is was a blood lump in my lung. It must have happened a while ago I had a knee operation and afterwards I had a lot of pain.
At the hospital they did find a huge blood lump behind my knee and the one in my lung. A week I was in hospital and one week home and BAM something happend again, back to hospital and here I am in hospital during a long weekend
This is a very very modern hospital wifi , television and single I have the laptop, my phone and my hearingaid gadget all plugged in. I can hear the phone, the tv and my computer via bluetooth in y hearing aids. Nobody can see my hearing aids as I have long hair. So people walk into my room and see me talking but see my phone not even closeby and yo should see their face.
But all this is not interesting, not interesting at all but I am in hospital and nothing happens here nothing at all, google-ing all day long.
So I wil show you a painting I made just before I come here. I hope to chat to you soon with a better mood and something interesting

Gemsbok South Africa

Gemsbok South Africa

By Medium Marqueritte & Hypnotherapist

Cat eyes

Here's Looking at you kid.

Here’s Looking at you kid.

Marqueritte Clasquin- Dutch Wildlife artist
Marqueritte was born in the Netherlands but lived in South Africa (Cape Province) for 25 years. It is here that she fell in love with animals, specially the big cats, the lions, the tigers,but also elephants. She is concerned that if we do nothing to help these animals, soon there will be no live animals left to show to your children and grandchildren. Imagine that “Yes Anne that is a lion they don’t exist anymore”and your grandchild will reply “why did you do nothing to help these poor animals to survive,why did you just let them die, how could you!” and she runs away. You can join the David Shepherd foundation http://www.davidshepherd.org/ they are doing excellent work to help animals from being extinct. I will repeat the link http://www.davidshepherd.org/ or just have a look then you will know what it is all about. Thank you for taking the time to read this. http://www.marqueritte.nl

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